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Anatomy of Norbiton is put together by Toby Ferris.


"A dazzlingly strange thought-experiment in virtual topography, counterfactual space, town-planning and tapirs..." Robert Macfarlane

"...hypnotic and astonishing and just a real delight"
M. John Harrison

"...an extraordinary website and a thing of strange and terrible beauty." Frank Key




The anatomy is scheduled for completion in 2015.

new entries are posted at irregular intervals, usually of a few weeks.

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coming soon: Spatial

Civ Clarke claims to think of space not as so many contiguous vesicles which he is 'in', but as a system of surfaces among which and around which he moves, and on which he carves invisible or mental prison runes, sigils and arrows, a tramp code notched on gateposts; if he does not come back that way, he says, the signs will never be reactivated, and will in time smooth to nothing.

mental prison runes



latest posted: Sartorial

I am trying on my ghost suit...

pencilled co-ordinates