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Anatomy of Norbiton is put together by Toby Ferris.


"A dazzlingly strange thought-experiment in virtual topography, counterfactual space, town-planning and tapirs..." Robert Macfarlane

"...hypnotic and astonishing and just a real delight"
M. John Harrison

"...an extraordinary website and a thing of strange and terrible beauty." Frank Key




The anatomy is scheduled for completion in 2016.

new entries are posted at irregular intervals, usually of a few weeks.

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Now posted: Spatial

The basic spatial unit of any city is the interior, but an interior space is always in danger of collapsing in on itself: it requires the backbone of a proper desk. And Norbiton: Ideal City is nothing if not a city of desks.

City of Desks

A desk is not a sacred object. It is not made of holy wood, a World-Ash or Tree of Life. There is no spirit inherent to the object, it has no soul, is not a sluice of energies. It is rectangle upon which I set my elbows, nothing more.

Nor is setting your elbows a confession of faith... You set your elbows on your desk while you drink your tea, or type on your laptop, or hold open a difficult book, a book wanting study and notes. To your left and right are piles of paper or other books or things you occasionally need to use – inkwell, scissors, bell, skull, hourglass, armillary sphere, cowrie shell, emblematic vegetable, lion, partridge, peacock – or representations thereof. You can swap these objects in under your attention, in the tripod formed by your elbows and your head. These are the uses of a desk.

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